Build High Trust Relationships

1 Session
60 Minutes


In today’s increasingly remote organizations, how do leaders build trust across their teams in an effective way?  In this workshop we share how to embrace credibility, reliability and safety in your work relationships and navigate difficult conversations to inspire deeper connection and trust. 

Participants learn the “trust equation” and explore strategies and best practices to deepen relationships and cultivate greater trust with their teams. 

You will leave with a greater understanding of: 

    • The “trust equation” and how to build greater credibility, reliability and safety in your relationships. 
    • The concept of an emotional bank account, and key deposits and withdrawals associated with trust. 
      • How to cultivate “psychological closeness” on your remote team and deepen trust with your employees.


        Thursday, Aug 27 at 1:00pm
        Dominique Hollins
        Tuesday, Oct 27 at 9:00am
        Dominique Hollins
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