Behaviors of an Inclusive Leader

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The inclusive leaders that have the biggest impact often have three things in common: a powerful origin story that brings them to DEI work, an ability to honestly reflect on their journey (including their failures), and a strong, practical vision for change. 

The focus of this class is to equip you with these three things as you embark on your journey as an inclusive leader. You’ll learn six signature traits of inclusive leaders, develop your origin story,  and reflect on your successes and failures. Then, you’ll define your vision for advocacy and map powerful next steps you can take to bring about cultural change on your team and within your organization. 

You’ll leave with a greater understanding of: 

  • The six traits of inclusive leadership and how to incorporate them into your work
  • Recognize the growth opportunities that come from embracing humility
  • How you can best leverage your role to guide change
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Wed, Jan 24
9:00am - 10:15am (PST)
Miguel Aviles-Perez

Miguel Aviles-Perez

Miguel helps leaders leverage Diversity, Equity & Inclusion as a catalyst to increase engagement, innovation, and retention. He served as the first civilian Chief of Diversity and Inclusion in the history of the US Coast Guard.
Wed, Feb 28
7:00am - 8:15am (PST)
Jacqueline Iloh

Jacqueline Iloh

Manager Training, Redefined