Build an Agile Culture

1 class
120 minutes


In an increasingly unpredictable and changing business environment, leaders that model agile behaviors and processes put their teams in the best position to succeed. 

In part, this means working efficiently, embracing uncertainty, and actively experimenting to find a better solution. It also means adopting a “scout” mindset to push through confirmation bias and seek out challenges to one’s own thought process and conclusions. 

In this workshop, we will focus on identifying and removing barriers to agility on your team, starting with yourself as a leader, before exploring how to empower everyone on your team to make decisions, solve problems, and innovate to meet the dynamic needs of customers.

You’ll leave with a greater understanding of…

  • How to adopt an agile mindset and model it for your team
  • What agility looks like across several key team processes 
  • How to foster an environment of educated risk-taking and experimentation
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Real-world application
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