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Masterclass: So You Think You’re An Ally? (A Pathway To Showing Up For Your Black Coworkers)

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Alongside a rise in awareness about issues of race and inequity in the workplace has come an increase in people who identify as “allies” and take an active position against workplace discrimination. In Deloitte’s 2019 State of Inclusion survey, 92% of respondents agreed with the statement “I feel dedicated to supporting individuals of groups who are different from me.”

However, despite being well-intentioned, a lot of people who think of themselves as allies engage in behaviors that can make Black coworkers feel uncomfortable, unseen, or unwelcome. This is largely the result of a lack of education about what allyship truly entails.

In this session honoring Black History Month, Hone’s DEIB Senior Fellow, Dominique Hollins will teach you how to be an effective ally and show up for your Black Coworkers. She’ll focus on two key pillars of effective allyship - awareness and accountability.

Join us to celebrate Black History Month and learn how to take meaningful actions towards inclusion on your team!

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