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Masterclass: How High-Performers Do More with Less Time (A Simple Framework)

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When you’re constantly overwhelmed by a relentless barrage of meetings, fires to put out, and unproductive distractions, time-management can start to feel like more of a myth than an accessible reality.

Mark Darren Gregor has led individuals and teams in 23 countries worldwide, managed budgets that supported half a billion dollars in annual revenue, and launched multiple award-winning product lines. In balancing these responsibilities, strategic time-management was a necessity, leading Mark to develop a simple framework to reclaim his power and productivity.

In this class, he will share the framework that helped him and countless clients double their performance in half the time, while elevating their overall sense of power.

You’ll leave with an ability to:

  • Identify and eliminate the “time vampires” that are sucking the life out of your workday.
  • Learn a simple framework to get you back in the driver’s seat for your productivity and effectiveness.
  • Reduce the stress, overwhelm, and burnout that often comes with complex roles.
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Tue, Aug 20
9:00am - 10:00am (PDT)
Mark Darren Gregor (he/him/his)

Mark Darren Gregor (he/him/his)

Mark Gregor is a coach and executive with 25+ years helping organizations, teams and leaders achieve impactful and sustainable transformation.