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Masterclass: Ignite Your Career Spark (For Millennials in the Workplace)

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Note: While it has a special focus on millennials in the workplace, this workshop is open to anyone who wants to reexamine their career journey.

When you look back at your career, how often have you had a deep feeling of dread on Sunday night? Or found yourself throughout the week constantly saying to yourself, “I just gotta make it to the weekend”? 

Those are very real emotions, and instead of providing ourselves the space to examine or process them, we often disconnect from them and move on. This is especially true for Millennials in the workplace, with research by Gallup positioning them as the “least engaged generation at work.”

Jonathan Dumas has spent his career guiding millennial professionals from career despair to career joy. Whether it's changing roles and departments, setting clearer boundaries, taking more risks, or something else - Jonathan will help you find the step you need to take to ignite your career spark.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Define Career Despair & Career Joy, exploring examples and reflecting on how these concepts manifest in different career stages.
  • Identify and discuss emotions you’ve experienced throughout your career journey
  • Develop a Career Joy action plan
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