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Masterclass: Build Your Wealth and Know Your Worth (For Women)

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60 minutes


Do you often undervalue yourself? Do you lower your prices before the client asks? Do you fail to negotiate? Do you accept less even though you know you could be making much more?

In this masterclass, Lisa Carmen Wang—Serial entrepreneur, author, and Women’s Business & Wealth Coach—helps you fundamentally reprogram your relationship with money so you can become an energetic match to manifest your first million-dollar year. This is an especially powerful masterclass for visionary female leaders who desire to make a big impact through building their personal brand or business.

You will learn how to:

  1. Release subconscious shame and guilt around money
  2. Disentangle your self-worth from your wealth to increase your capacity to manifest and receive money
  3. Understand the mindset of a millionaire and how to apply it to your business or career
  4. Discover the power of radical financial transparency and transformation
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