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Masterclass: The Fearless Public Speaker's Mindset (Strategies to Embrace and Enjoy The Spotlight)

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60 minutes


Whether you're addressing a small group or a massive audience, your ability to captivate, inspire, and influence can open doors you never dreamed possible.

Philipp Humm is a highly sought after facilitator and coach who has worked with organizations such as Google, Visa, and Oracle. In this masterclass, he will share his experience helping people become fearless public speakers that not only conquer their stage fright, but learn to enjoy every moment in the spotlight.

This class will be highly interactive and is open to all. You will be asked to have your camera on and get out of your comfort zone as you practice skills in breakout rooms with fellow learners.

In this class, you will learn how to…

  • Care less about what other people think
  • Feel comfortable improvising in front of an audience
  • Get into the zone before a big speech or presentation
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