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Influence Without Authority (New Content Demo)

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Regardless of whether you hold a position of authority, the ability to influence without authority is paramount. It allows you to unite people behind your vision and foster seamless collaboration, both within your team and across functions.

In this transformative class, we’ll teach you a dynamic influence framework that places relationship-building, trust, and elevating collective performance at the forefront. We'll delve into a range of influence styles, enabling you to pinpoint the best approach to meaningfully drive your ideas, changes, and solutions. 

What you will get:

  • Exclusive access to brand *NEW* content taught by facilitator and 4x business founder Miki Johnson
  • A research-backed approach to influencing delivered in a hands-on format 
  • A chance to discuss key influence lessons from team leaders across industries 

Note: Participants in this demo will be requested to provide detailed feedback on the class and will get the opportunity to shape Hone content. We appreciate your time and valuable feedback!

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