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Masterclass: Why Your Energy at Work Matters and What to Do About It

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In a 2022 study, researchers at HBR found that the greatest predictor of leaders' success wasn’t charisma, influence, or power—it was their relational energy—the energy exchanged between people that helps uplift, enthuse, and renew them.

Energy Leadership is the practice of identifying and consciously working with the energy you are bringing into relationships. In this session, Ianna will use the unique energy leadership coaching approach to help you hold up a mirror to your attitudes and behaviors so that you can learn to adjust and reach your professional goals with more joy and less effort.

After the success of her first two masterclasses at Hone, Ianna is bringing the third class in her series that distills her findings from years of experience working as a coach to help executives navigate the toughest leadership challenges. If you are an aspiring or current leader hoping to gain self-awareness and unlearn self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, join this class to learn:

  • The 7 levels of energy and which level you default to at work
  • The SOUL method to lead with the appropriate energy
  • The assumptions, interpretations, limiting beliefs, and self-talk that are unconsciously driving destructive energy
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