Membership Exclusive: Coach Mastery Hour with Sheeba Varghese

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Being a “great coach” is one of the top qualities of high-performing leaders. But it’s a difficult skill-set to master, and leaders struggle to be effective coaches in the workplace. 

Sheeba Varghese has coached thousands of leaders across the globe - from emerging leaders to C-suite executives - and brings decades of experience on how to be a successful coach-manager in the workplace. Join this exclusive “office hours” session with Sheeba, where you will have an opportunity to ask her your specific questions and share your challenges around coaching. 

Questions like: how do you most effectively empower a direct report to take ownership over an initiative? Or how do you decide when to be more supportive OR directive in coaching others? Sheeba will work with you live to support your challenges, and share feedback and insights on your questions. 

You can join for a part of the class, or stay for the full time and learn with others who are facing similar challenges. 

Everyone is welcome to join. Here are some ways you can engage:

  1. Come with a specific question or challenge and receive direct coaching from Sheeba.
  2. Contribute to others’ questions if you have relevant experience and perspective.
  3. Listen and learn.

Note: Enrollment is limited for this session, so sign up soon! This session is open to all learners who are interested in growing their coaching skills. 

About Sheeba

Sheeba is a catalyst for change. Her passion is reflected in providing leadership development to men and women who desire to bridge the gap from simply managing day-to-day to becoming exceptional leaders who architect change, innovation and sustainable excellence. She brings more than 20 years of experience working with individuals to her coaching, including a background of more than seven years as a certified K-12 teacher. 

Sheeba’s clients include Emerging Leaders, Managers, Senior Directors, Vice Presidents and Partners seeking leadership excellence within their role. She supports her clients to cultivate a mindset that would maximize their impact which then has translated into laser focused priorities, increased productivity, collaborative teams, and thus an achievement of their goals. She has worked with clients across a broad range of industries including education, non-profits, solopreneurs, financial services and the creative arts either through 1-1 personalized coaching or by leadership seminars, workshops and webinars.

To learn more about and reach Sheeba 

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