Embrace Diversity Through Inclusion

1 class
60 minutes


In this class, you will explore two powerful skills required to build a culture of belonging: vulnerability and empathy. You will learn the keys to holding a compassionate conversation around sensitive topics, and explore how storytelling can help bridge differences, cultivate greater understanding and build deeper trust. 

In small groups, you will explore how to create a safe container for sensitive conversations, and show up with both vulnerability and empathy. 

You will leave with a greater understanding of: 

    • The science behind vulnerability, and how it serves as a bridge to foster greater trust
    • How to hold space for others to share around challenging experiences, and move the conversation forward with empathy.
    • The science and art of effective storytelling, and its impact on creating a culture of belonging.
    How Hone is different
    Live learning
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    Interactive activities
    Practice new skills in breakout rooms with like-minded professionals.
    Real-world application
    Apply new skills to your work by taking action and choosing a personalized Hone challenge.
    Learning tracks
    Curated paths to give you the straightest path to your leadership and career goals.
    (86 ratings)
    Equal Opportunity Advisor
    Feb 2021
    The class was very informative and it gave me a new perspective on empathy that I never thought of before.
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    Regional Account Manager
    Feb 2021
    Fantastic class! Really enjoyed how we were given the opportunity to engage with each other, and appreciated hearing others be vulnerable.
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    Sales Operations Analyst
    Feb 2021
    Really enjoyed this session and felt myself and team took away a lot to think about. Thank you!
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