Manage Hybrid Teams

1 class
60 minutes


Today, it is clear that organizations need to embrace flexible, hybrid work to attract and retain the best talent. This journey of building successful hybrid organizations must involve equipping managers to address the complexities that arise when part of their team is at the office while the rest work remotely. 

In this session, you’ll explore strategies to be a more effective leader of your hybrid team across six key areas: relationships, communication, accountability, motivation, fairness, and location strategy. You’ll audit your team across these six areas to identify where you stand and then plan out how to lead your team more effectively in the next few weeks to address these areas of growth. 

You’ll leave with a greater understanding of the following: 

  • Where you need to make improvements to increase the effectiveness of your hybrid team
  • How to make more strategic use of in-office and work-from-home time on your team
  • How to address the biases and inequities commonly associated with hybrid work
How Hone is different
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