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Prime Your Brain to Solve Hard Problems

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Whether you’re a designer or work with excel spreadsheets; a leader or individual contributor; working on a personal, organizational or societal challenge; creativity - the ability to produce something that is both novel and useful - is one of the key capacities required to succeed in the unpredictable, new world of work.

While most of us are familiar with creative frameworks or processes, we rarely pay attention to supporting the source and foundation of our ideas and imagination: our brain. 

In this interactive class, we will explore what happens in the brain when we are pursuing creative activities, why our usual ways of working make us less creative, and how we might be more intentional about supporting our brain for creative insights to arise and solve hard problems.

You will leave with a greater understanding of:

  • How the brain solves complex problems creatively
  • The four conditions that prime your brain for creative insights to arise and how to include them in your work day - both individually and on teams
  • Evidence-based techniques to use daily to strengthen creativity
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