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Masterclass: Are Subtle Slip-Ups Sabotaging You? (The Lost Art of Business Etiquette)

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When you hear the term “etiquette,” you might picture a debutante ball a la the Netflix series Bridgerton. While etiquette is definitely important to social society, we’ll be focusing this masterclass on how etiquette - the art of behaving in a way that makes others feel comfortable- can support you in your career.

Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams is an international talent development expert and executive coach who has conducted over 300 seminars on topics such as relationship building, inclusion, and communication. Rea Rotholz is the Senior Director of Learning Solutions at Hone and has spent her career in human capital and L&D consulting. She is also Sharon's daughter!

In this masterclass, this mother-daughter duo will help you develop an understanding of business etiquette and why it is important. With an understanding of how your behavior influences others, you’ll be primed to excel in various work situations.

By the end of this session, you will: 

  • Know how to be an exceptional host 
  • Learn tips to professionally correspond with others
  • Understands ways that proper business etiquette can build stronger relationships
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