Evaluate Performance Fairly and Accurately

1 class
60 minutes


Per a large Gallup survey, only 29% of employees strongly agree that the performance reviews they receive are fair, and only 26% strongly agree that they are accurate. As a result, few employees view their reviews as inspiration for improvement.

In this class, you will learn to gather information from all relevant stakeholders to get an accurate and holistic picture of performance. In addition, you will learn to sidestep common evaluation biases to ensure fairness and provide a helpful review experience for all employees.

You’ll leave with a greater understanding of:

  • How to make your evaluation accurate by gathering all relevant information.
  • How to make a detailed performance evaluation and explain your reasoning.
  • How to make your evaluation fair by avoiding affinity, confirmation, recency, and other common biases.
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Tue, Nov 21
10:00am - 11:00am (PDT)
Manager Training, Redefined