Masterclass: Managing Stress: A Guide for Parents & Caregivers

1 class
60 minutes


You have a lot on your plate: you’re taking care of your family, trying to balance work and personal responsibilities, managing your own emotions, helping your kids manage their emotions, and dealing with all kinds of stress, instability, and uncertainty. How do you manage your stress in a healthy way that also fits into your busy life?

In this masterclass, Bea Kim provides effective stress management strategies that help you balance the day to day demands of work and family life. We’ll then discuss how you can leverage these strategies to support your child(ren) in managing their stresses.

You’ll leave with a greater understanding of

  • What your stressors are and their effects 
  • How stress shows up for you and how to recognize it 
  • Practical stress management strategies to address stress physically, psychologically, and logically 


About Bea Kim

Bea is a life and executive coach who primarily serves working parents, high potential leaders, and executives in helping them develop fulfillment and purpose, but also helps larger companies like Google and PG&E. Along with coaching, Bea also pursues her passion in helping the next generation of women leaders as a group coach for the Stanford Graduate School of Business, facilitating deep conversation for the Women in Management program.

She is an angel investor and her portfolio includes startups in the financial, technology and media space. 

Previously, Bea sold an education startup in 2012. Bea has her bachelor's from Stanford University and coaching accreditation as a Professional Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation. In her spare time, she loves watching detective TV shows, researching skincare products, and camping with her husband and two children, Owen and Stella.

To learn more about Bea, visit

You can reach Bea at [email protected].

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