Masterclass: Uncovering and Resolving Team Tension

1 class
60 minutes


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According to a 2008 report, 85% of employees experienced some form of conflict in the workplace. However, despite knowing that conflict is an inevitable part of any team dynamic, the default behavior is often to wait until the moment the conflict arises to address it. 

In this exclusive masterclass, we’ll explore another, more powerful approach: proactive disagreement planning. 

While in an objective frame of mind, you will identify existing and potential sources of team tension and determine how to communicate these problems to their team. Conflict-resolution expert Natalie Garramone will guide us through a reflection on these tension points, and help uncover underlying assumptions and emotions that may be driving them. 

No matter your role, this session will empower you to transform how your team approaches conflict in order to drive collective growth, resilience, and productivity. 

You’ll leave with a greater understanding of

  • How assumptions can contribute to unproductive team dynamics
  • How to identify current and/or potential areas of tension on your team
  • How to communicate and address problems early on your team


About Natalie Garramone, Owner & Principal Consultant, ONE EIGHTY, LLC

For the past decade, Natalie has worked as a consultant with executive teams across the globe to drive large-scale change and development initiatives aimed at fostering growth and innovation, shifting organizational culture, and engaging employees. She currently focuses her time and energy supporting individuals and companies who want to use constructive conflict to create fulfilling, profitable, and productive workplaces. In her career, Natalie has worked with companies such as Lowe’s, Pfizer, and Altria, as well as organizations such as Interpublic Group and Democracy Works. Natalie has served as guest lecturer at Virginia Commonwealth University, Baruch College, and Robert Morris University. Natalie has certifications in mediation, mindfulness-based stress reduction (MSBR), and yoga instruction (200RYT). She truly likes people. She loves figuring out what motivates them. And she believes their intellect and spirit have limitless power to drive business outcomes. 

To learn more about Natalie and to preview some of her conflict resolution content, check out the following podcast episodes.

  1. PARENTING - Conflict Resolution with Natalie Garramone (Suburban Folk)
  2. What the Boss Needs to Know About Productive Conflict - with Natalie Garramone (The BossBuilder Podcast)
  3. Natalie Garramone - Conflict Resolution and Mediation in the Virtual Work Place and How Does Your In Person Persona Translate to Your Online Persona? (Dr. D’s Social Network)

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