Masterclass: Leadership Presence Essentials

1 class
60 minutes


---Due to the interactive nature of this masterclass, enrollment is limited.---

Managers and executives are often promoted when they demonstrate what may feel intangible: charisma, presence, and gravitas. While some may believe that these are skills that come naturally and cannot be learned, there is actually a clear path to developing each one of them.

In our first masterclass, Jonathan Bender will lead us through an overview of these powerful soft skills and specific exercises to practice that will help you become a better communicator and leader (and may even get you your next promotion!).

Set aside your notions of charisma and public speaking skills as talents that you are born with, and join us on May 12th at 10:00 am PT to build these skills from the ground up. Whether you have been struggling to establish a leadership presence or whether this is the first you are hearing about this concept — this class is for you.

About Jonathan Bender
For over 25 years, Jonathan has trained thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs to become confident, authentic, and dynamic speakers. His integrative, holistic approach is time-tested and proven to transform nerves into confidence and presence, moving audiences on video and in person. Jonathan’s clients range from CEOs and executives to TED speakers to entrepreneurs. Jonathan has worked with executives from Google, HP, Kaiser, and a range of well-known companies.

The creator of the WholeSpeak Method, Jonathan blends professional speaking skills with performance techniques from acting, voice, movement, and personal development. He holds graduate degrees in Speech Communication and Theater and is also a theater director, actor, and creator.

Hear Jonathan tell his story about finding his voice here (podcast episode).

How Hone is different
Live learning
Small-group classes over video conference. Join wherever you are.
Interactive activities
Practice new skills in breakout rooms with like-minded professionals.
Real-world application
Apply new skills to your work by taking action and choosing a personalized Hone challenge.
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