Mindfulness at Work

1 class
60 minutes


Being mindful at work is more than meditation and breathing, it’s about engaging with the present moment with full awareness. In this session, we’ll teach you how to use mindfulness as a tool to put an end to two destructive work behaviors: multitasking and falling into cycles of distraction. 

We’ll go over how multitasking and cycles of distraction influence your outcomes and relationships at work, and how they appear useful while leaving you more depleted and exhausted than before. We’ll guide you through self-reflection on your work patterns, and provide key science-backed strategies to take control of the time you spend at work to maximize your work quality and your well-being.

How Hone is different
Live learning
Small-group classes over video conference. Join wherever you are.
Interactive activities
Practice new skills in breakout rooms with like-minded professionals.
Real-world application
Apply new skills to your work by taking action and choosing a personalized Hone challenge.
Wed, Oct 18
12:00pm - 1:00pm (PDT)
Wed, Oct 25
10:00am - 11:00am (PDT)
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