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Masterclass: Navigate The Transition From Peer To Manager

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Sabrina Creighton is a certified Life and Leadership Coach with over 15 years’ experience in Training, Program Management, and Instructional Design. Sabrina has overseen L&D programs at three Fortune 100 companies and has led teams in insurance, healthcare, and banking. She is also someone who “failed” in her first leadership role.

This masterclass is designed for emerging leaders, recently promoted managers, and professionals who are transitioning from being peers to managerial roles. In this class, we will identify the key differences between the role of a peer and the role of a manager. Participants will learn strategies for building trust, credibility, and influence as a new manager, especially when leading former peers. Through interactive discussions and targeted self-reflection, you'll learn how to leverage communication to redefine relationships and foster a thriving team culture.

In this class, you will:

  • Discuss the shift in social dynamics when moving from peer to manager
  • Outline a set of best practices to manage the transition into your role
  • Identify interpersonal strategies to foster a thriving team culture
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