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Masterclass: Embrace Your Unique Perspective and Influence (For BIPOC Individuals and Allies)

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The burden of feeling misunderstood prevents people from bringing their whole self to work. This has a direct effect on engagement, productivity, innovation, and self-esteem.

Hanadi Chehabeddine is an inclusion consultant, speaker, coach who encourages people of all identities to come together around our shared identity. She has worked with clients such as Google, Twitter, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and The US State Department. In this workshop designed for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) individuals and White allies, she will compel participants to analyze and rethink their sense of belonging. We will explore the mindset and actions needed to be part of organizational change by creating a pathway from pain to discovery.

  1. Identify beliefs that stop us from bringing our whole self to work.
  2. Get clear on the value we bring to an organization.
  3. Identify actions that can help you transform painful experiences into powerful
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