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Masterclass: Understanding Gender Diversity and TGX+ Inclusion in the Workplace

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The landscape for gender inclusion is changing every day. We’re seeing this cultural shift in our offices, personal lives, and in the media. The most current research shows that 56% of Gen Z know someone who uses gender-neutral pronouns like they/them.

As leaders, how do we stay educated and ensure that we are inclusive of TGX+ (transgender and gender-expansive) individuals in this fast-changing landscape?

In this masterclass led by nonbinary LGBTQ+ speaker, educator, and business consultant, Rex Wilde (they/them), we will explore the questions you’ve been asking yourself about gender inclusion, like:

  • What is gender diversity? What is nonbinary?
  • What are gender-neutral pronouns? How do I use them? What do I do if I make a mistake?
  • How do I support my transgender and gender-expansive colleagues?

Join us in this session where you’ll come away with foundational knowledge and actionable tools to support the TGX+ individuals in your life.

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