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Masterclass: Make Networking Meaningful (Harness Human Connection to Grow Your Career)

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Whether you are looking for a new job, seeking career advancement, trying to reach new customers, or simply trying to expand your horizons, you need to know how to network.

Julia Markish has harnessed the power of human relationships to power her career as a coach and advisor, allowing her to work with over 250 organizations - all the way from tech brands like Etsy to distributed multinationals like Ford Motor Company. Now, Julia is leading this masterclass to help you identify your own approach to creating a "lightweight" network of Colleagues, Collaborators, and Champions that you can tap into to accelerate your career.

Join us if you are ready to go beyond increasing your number of connections on LinkedIn, and instead learn how to inject genuine human connection into your interactions.

You will leave with the tools and specific actions you can take to:

  • Find your network of "lightweight" ties — your colleagues, collaborators, and champions
  • Create *meaningful* connections with your "lightweight" network
  • Maintain your network and activate it when you need it most
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