Ramp Up New Hires

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You’ve put in all of the work to recruit, vet, and hire your ideal candidate -- now give them some paperwork to fill out, and they’ll be on their way - right?

Not quite.

An inconsistent, “process and paperwork”-focused approach is what has led just 12% of employees in a recent Gallup poll to agree that their organization does a great job of onboarding people.

The result is that after 90 days, new hires are typically less engaged in their work and in the organization than they would be with a more thoughtful onboarding experience. 

In this class, you will learn a repeatable process for scalably ramping up new hires in their first few months on the job.

You will leave with a greater understanding of:

  • How to utilize the initial job scorecard to create milestones in the first few months.
  • How to accelerate learning through scaffolded experiences, shadowing, and structured feedback rounds.
  • How to ensure that by the end of 90 days all new hires are doing interesting work, have been placed on a career path, have a measure of autonomy at work, and are being recognized for their progress.
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