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Create Compelling Career Paths

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According to research from Hays, a leading recruitment firm based in the UK, 4 out of 5 employees would leave their current roles if a better job offer comes along, and 71% are willing to take a pay cut for their ideal job.

You can no longer rely on the old climbing corporate ladder model to keep your team engaged and retain them for the long run. Not all people pursue the same goals, and no one wants to wait for the next rung to be open to make career progress.

Instead, collaborate with your team to create flexible career paths. You can offer lateral, vertical, or cross-functional opportunities that help your organization and allow people to keep moving forward in their careers.

In this 60-minute interactive class, you will practice creating career paths that align someone’s aspirations and strengths with the needs of the business.

You will leave with a greater understanding of the following: 

  • How to determine what options and opportunities exist, what skills are needed to move forward, and what resources are available to help develop those skills.
  • How to identify the career aspirations, strengths, and weaknesses (or “loves” and “loathes”) of your current team members.
  • How to create “tours of duty” that provide structured autonomy, mastery, and purpose for high-performing employees.
  • How succession planning and career pathing can help you determine which roles you need to hire for and which you should develop internally.
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