Practice Lab: Explore Power, Privilege & Inequity at Work

1 class
60 minutes


In this class, we incorporate power and privilege into everyday decision-making at work. Participants will explore different ways to share power with people who have historically been pushed to the margins. They will discuss the type of change they would want to enact within their team or organization.

Learners will leave with a practical and effective planning tool to help them analyze the potential impact of a service, program, policy, or decision on others to help to operationalize fairness.

How Hone is different
Live learning
Small-group classes over video conference. Join wherever you are.
Interactive activities
Practice new skills in breakout rooms with like-minded professionals.
Real-world application
Apply new skills to your work by taking action and choosing a personalized Hone challenge.
Tue, Jan 16
6:00am - 7:00am (PST)
Jacqueline Iloh

Jacqueline Iloh

Wed, Feb 7
7:00am - 8:00am (PST)
Jacqueline Iloh

Jacqueline Iloh

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