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Practice Lab: Prioritize The Right Work

1 class
60 minutes


Working without prioritizing can be like walking in place. Work is getting done, but it isn’t actively moving you closer to your goal. 

As a manager, you have the challenging task of prioritizing tasks not only for yourself but for your team. With this responsibility, it can be hard to decide how to best use your direct reports’ limited time in a way that effectively brings you closer to achieving team goals.

In this class, we will address this challenge head-on and practice using prioritization tools that will enable you to strategically choose and order tasks according to your team goals, all while increasing motivation and engagement on your team by involving direct reports in the prioritization process.

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Wed, Jun 12
10:00am - 11:00am (PDT)
Svetlana Saitsky

Svetlana Saitsky

Svetlana is a certified co-active executive coach and mental wealth advocate.