Manager Essentials Track

4 Sessions
60 - 90 Minutes


Being a great leader can mean many things: hitting your goals; providing timely feedback; making sure the job gets done.  One of the most critical skills of a top manager is developing the people around you. How can you identify your people’s strengths, empower them to make their own decisions, and create a culture of accountability on your team? 

In this live, virtual track you will gain essential leadership skills that are critical to the success of your team and organization. You will learn how to listen deeply and ask powerful questions of others; you will uplevel your skills at giving meaningful feedback that lands, and you will learn a powerful framework and top skills for leading highly-effective 1-1s.

This four-session track is led by world class facilitators who will guide you - through experiential exercises, role play, and group coaching - to develop your people to their highest potential and deliver exceptional results for your organization.

Our Teaching Philosophy

At Hone, we aim to create transformational learning experiences backed by research.  During the sessions, we will push you to experience group coaching, role plays, partner exercises, and active participation.  Why?  Because the research shows that experiential learning is key to our growth and success. Together, we will create a learning space that empowers you to make sustainable progress towards your goals.


Session 1: The Coach Approach
4.7 (367)
90 Minutes
Learn the core principles of coaching. We'll explore practices that deepen your listening skills, enable you to ask powerful questions and empower others to take action and drive results.
Session 2: Give Feedback That Lands
4.6 (305)
60 Minutes
Learn a research-backed approach to giving corrective and positive feedback, and how to follow-up so that feedback leads to action.
Session 3: Lead Highly Effective 1-1s
4.6 (80)
60 Minutes
Learn a formula for conducting your 1:1s, how often and for how long to hold them, and how to focus on important things that lead to greater satisfaction at work.
Session 4: Practice Intensive
4.8 (15)
60 Minutes
This workshop will bolster your skills as a leader and leave you with the confidence to manage your team more effectively moving forward.
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