4 classes
60 - 120 minutes


Businesses with inclusive cultures inspire greater product innovation and higher employee engagement and retention. They are also twice as likely to meet or exceed their financial goals. As diversity expert and VP of Inclusion Strategy at Netflix, Verna Myers, notes: “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

In this track, you will explore the science of belonging, the psychology of unconscious bias and the impact of inclusion in the workplace. You will learn how to identify and address microaggressions on your team and lead sensitive conversations with empathy and precision. Together, we will develop and implement key behaviors of inclusion that will enhance your capacity to communicate effectively, build authentic relationships, bridge across differences and foster greater levels of understanding. 

This four-class track is perfect for leaders who are committed to growing a more inclusive team culture where employees feel that they belong and can thrive.


Class #1: Manage Bias in the Workplace (Manager)
120 minutes
Explore what unconscious bias is, the different types of biases and how they manifest in the workplace.
Class #2: Address Microaggressions on Your Team
90 minutes
In this session, you will learn to spot the "hidden messages'' that make microaggressions challenging to decode at work. You will learn about the impact that hearing these messages can have on the recipients of microaggressions. Using the PART framework, you will practice delivering feedback about addressing problematic behaviors and statements through the lens of three different roles: the person who witnesses the microaggression, the recipient, and the microaggressor.
Class #3: Create a Culture of Belonging
90 minutes
Learn how to develop key behaviors of inclusion that enhance your capacity to communicate effectively, bridge across differences, and foster greater levels of understanding.
Class #4: Embrace Allyship In Your Organization
60 minutes
Learn strategies to become a better ally to colleagues of underrepresented backgrounds and enhance team culture and effectiveness.
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