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Practice Lab: Manage Bias in The Workplace

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NOTE: In this class, we’ll practice applying the content taught in our core class called “Manage Bias in The Workplace” If you haven’t taken that class yet, please do so before attending the practice lab.

In our core class on bias, we explored how biases can influence workplace decisions and interactions, how to recognize bias within yourself and others and strategies for mitigating bias and making more informed decisions.

In this practice session, we’ll quickly review key concepts in our practice lab and then spend 90% of our time applying these skills to relevant case studies and your own professional experiences. In the final section of this class, you will go into a peer coaching session where you will work with another person in the class to navigate similarity bias on your team. 

You’ll leave ready to create a more inclusive work environment where everyone has the opportunity to grow and do their best work. 

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