Manage High Performing Teams
4 classes
What you’ll learn
  • How to motivate others by tapping into our common desire to be self-directed, to improve, and to do meaningful work.
  • How to help your team utilize and grow their strengths both in their day to day work and at key moments throughout the year.
  • How to create a team culture of recognition so that people feel appreciated and have their accomplishments celebrated.
  • How succession planning and career pathing can help you determine which roles you need to hire for and which you should develop internally.

In this live, virtual track you will learn how to motivate anyone on your team, how to identify and harness their individual strengths, how to hold them accountable to their goals and KPIs, and how to keep everyone engaged through compelling career paths.

This four-session track is led by world-class coaches who will guide you - through experiential exercises, role play, and group coaching - to develop your people to their highest potential and deliver exceptional results for your organization.

Manager Training, Redefined