Conflict Management
4 classes
What you’ll learn
  • How to identify the right conflight style for any workplace conflict.
  • Strategies to defuse tense and combative moments with compassion..
  • What it takes to transform conflict into greater connection and trust on your team.

How can you turn conflict at work into deeper connection and collaboration? In this live, virtual track you’ll learn how to diagnose conflicts thoughtfully, navigate difficult conversations with precision and deepen trust and collaboration with others.

You’ll master a powerful framework for managing conflicts fairly, and practice a step-by-step process to communicate effectively during tense moments. Together, we’ll explore how to embrace conflict in a constructive way when giving correct feedback, collaborating under tight deadlines and working with difficult co-workers. You will leave with the skills to transform difficult conversations into a powerful path forward that builds more resilient teams.

This four-session track is led by world class facilitators who will guide you - through experiential exercises, role play, and group coaching - to navigate conflict successfully, build greater trust and deliver exceptional results for your organization.

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