Boost Your Productivity
4 classes
What you’ll learn
  • Help your team overcome interruptions and distractions, and create good daily, weekly, and monthly work habits.
  • Use a powerful delegation framework that will provide your team with opportunities to show their strengths or develop new skills.
  • Use a research backed, step-by-step approach to diagnose your meeting problems and gain advanced facilitation skills to make meetings more purpose-driven, energizing, and efficient.

The most successful managers get the most out of their own time and energy, and help their direct reports do the same.

In this live, virtual track you will learn how to harness your team’s strengths to boost productivity, get projects completed on time, and provide growth opportunities that develop people’s skills without risking the quality of your team’s output.

This four-session track is led by world class coaches who will guide you - through experiential exercises, role play, and group coaching - to develop your people to their highest potential and deliver exceptional results for your organization.

Manager Training, Redefined