Build “A Player” Teams

4 classes
60 - 120 minutes


Hiring the right talent to join your team is critical to the long-term success of your organization.

In this live, virtual track you will learn how to source candidates that can meet the goals and expectations of the role, run a set of behavioral interviews to confidently select the best candidate, and ramp up new hires to productivity, all while running a fair and equitable process.

Each of the four classes is led by a world-class coach who will guide you - through experiential exercises, role-plays, and group coaching - to develop the skills and behaviors you’ll need to build an “A Player” team.

Our Teaching Philosophy

At Hone, we aim to create transformational learning experiences backed by research.  During the classes, we will push you to experience group coaching, role plays, partner exercises, and active participation.  Why?  Because the research shows that experiential learning is key to our growth and success. Together, we will create a learning space that empowers you to make sustainable progress towards your goals.


Class #1: Attract Top Talent
60 minutes
Learn best practices for pre-interview preparation, including how to create an optimal candidate scorecard and how to write inclusive job descriptions.
Class #2: Manage Bias in the Workplace (Manager)
120 minutes
Explore what unconscious bias is, the different types of biases and how they manifest in the workplace.
Class #3: Run Effective Interviews
60 minutes
Learn behavioral interviewing techniques that help you confidently answer: How successful would this person be at achieving the expectations and goals of this position?
Class #4: Ramp Up New Hires
60 minutes
Only 12% of employees in a recent Gallup poll agree that their organization does a great job of onboarding people. In this class, you will learn a repeatable process for scalably ramping up new hires in their first few months on the job.
How Hone is different
Live learning
Small-group classes over video conference. Join wherever you are.
Interactive activities
Practice new skills in breakout rooms with like-minded professionals.
Real-world application
Apply new skills to your work by taking action and choosing a personalized Hone challenge.
Learning tracks
Curated paths to give you the straightest path to your leadership and career goals.
Book for your team
It’s easy to set up private programs for your team or organization — wherever your people are located.
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